NextGen Technical Consulting Servi... NextGen TCS
Assists clients in uploading and downloading files to NextGen Technical Consulting Services.
Synchronizes ODBC DSN Definitions between 32-bit ODBC and 64-bit ODBC.
CU Contract Utility
Assists clients in updating contracts within a NextGen Healthcare database. The Contract Utility is available to all NextGen clients at no-charge.
ACU Advanced Conversion Utility
Allows data extracts from legacy databases to be imported into a NextGen Healthcare database.
ICU Image Conversion Utility
The Image Conversion Utility (ICU) is a program that allows users to import images (TIF, PDF, JPEG) files into a NextGen Healthcare database.
DEID Patient De-Identifier Utility
Replaces identifiable patient data in a NextGen Healthcare database with realistic but false computer-generated values.
MDCU Master Data Copy Utility
Assist clients in copying master file type data between two NextGen Healthcare databases.
MUU Mass Update Utility
Assists clients in updating master file and library data entities within a NextGen Healthcare database.
IVRU Interactive Voice Response Utility
Used to provide data from NextGen Healthcare to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) vendor.
PCU Practice Comparison Utility
Assists Clients in examining similarities and differences between Practice Preferences, Security Settings and Universal Preferences.
TrxImp Transaction Import Utility
Assists clients with importing transactions from external payment processors.
unappadv Unapplied Advanced Utility
Automated process to apply Encounter and Account Unapplied money.
ETOBACCO TCS Alere eTobacco Interface
TCS Alere Interface is a Windows console application that generates files for Alere Well being( AWI) from the NextGen database. This also process the response file from AWI into Nextgen.
IMPWIZ Import Wizard
Aids new users to load their NextGen Healthcare databases faster in order to go live sooner.
iii Immunization Import Interface
Imports immunizations delivered in HL7 format into NextGen Ambulatory EHR
CHRS Community Health Referral System v 1.x
Assists Community Health Centers and Tribal Health Clinics with tracking healthcare procedures and payments related specifically to Native American and Alaska Native peoples.
CHRS2 Community Health Referral System v 2.x
Assists Community Health Centers and Tribal Health Clinics with tracking healthcare procedures and payments related specifically to Native American and Alaska Native peoples.
DART IHS Diabetes Care and Outcomes Audit Report
Reports the IHS Diabetes Care and Outcomes Audit report (DART) measures.
GPRA IHS GPRA Reporting Application
Reports the IHS Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) measures.
IHS IHS Reporting Application
The IHS Reporting Application creates an HL7 file of patient information to be submitted to IHS.
UDS UDS Reporting from BPHC
(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Health Resource and Services Administration - 330 Grant Reporting)
A core set of information appropriate for reviewing the operation and performance of health centers.
A large, annual report for the state of California for primary health care providers. No changes in 2012; please enter the 2012 FPL manually.
TITLEX Title X / FPAR Reporting
(Family Planning Annual Reporting, from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Family Planning) Reporting required annually for grants regarding family planning under Title X, as specified in OMB document no. 0990-0221. Some states have additional requirements and are available or need to be quoted, such as California. Clients must be live on EHR and use the special Title X template to collect data.
ASC State ASC Reporting
NextGen State Ambulatory Surgical Center Reporting
REFUND Refund Utility
Extracts refund transactions and related data from NextGen Practice Management to facilitate generation of refund checks in common accounting packages such as Great Plains, Peachtree Accounting, and Lawson.
GL General Ledger Utility
Automates the extract of charge and transaction data from NextGen Practice Management and exports this data to a delimited or fixed format text file that is available for import into an accounting package.
RYANWHITERSR Ryan White RSR Extract Utility
This application will pull together NextGen demographic, encounter, order and gather information from various NextGen Ambulatory EHR templates to produce a client-level Ryan White report file. The user will be able to electronically upload this file to meet their reporting requirement. This is not an inteface to CAREWare.
PopulationHealth NextGen® Population Health
Within a single integrated system, Population Health works with NextGen® solutions to streamline client workflow, capturing and documenting all activity and communication for visibility to the front desk and clinicians. Reports are available to track communications sent and revenue tracked as a result of outreach.
CDD Conversions, Deconversions, and Data Reorganization
Overview and details as well as technical specifications for converting your legacy data to NextGen® solutions with NextGen TCS. Information about getting your data out of NextGen® solutions. This includes "DeConverting" when you want to load the data into another system, and human readable extracts when you just want to have a record that is accessible manually. Details about reorganizing your data within NextGen® solutions including Practice Extracts which spawn a new database from an existing database, as well as merges and splits which collapse or split multiple databases, enterprise or practices.
ODG Offline Document Generator Template
The Offline Document Generator Template assists clients in identifying billable or non-billable encounters that do not have a generated document for the encounter.
PTR Patient Tracking Report Template
The Patient Tracking Report Template assists clients in reviewing patient tracking intervals and time spent between each interval as well as total time in the office.

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